The Professional Hobbyist









I am obsessed by everything! Old, new, simple, complex, fun and boring.

My latest aquisition has been photography. My father; also a man of many moods, used to run a camera shop in the 1970’s. So, naturally his cameras became my cameras and I take myself on a journey of photography, how it used to be done.

First Hurdle: Learn about photography

As an industrial designer I have some understanding of photography but not a great deal. I know that lenses have a focal length and I know that you need a tripod for long term exposure shots. I know some terms that would make me sound like I know w
hat I am talking about. But aside from that, if you gave me a Leica S, a monkey would probably end up with some better shots. But at least I cansee how I’m doing after every snap. Oldskool costs $$$ to take shots and you could end up $50 down and 24 shots of shaky, over exposed glossy white postcards.  This is going to be an expensive, slow, arduous but rewarding venture.

Luckily I have a wealth of knowledge (dad) to help me through the Ups and Downs of learning this ancient method of capturing memories.


The Olympus OM-1     A camera worthy of its name; One of the most popular 35mm SLR cameras of the 70s. What a wild time this must have been for a nomadic hippy photographer. Its no wonder we have so many good photos of my parents; The OM-1 was portable and robust, built for even the most clumsy of ganja go’ers.